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*環世界 : ドイツの生物学者、ユクスキュルの提唱した概念。すべての動物は特有の知覚世界を生きる主体であるという考え。



I live in the foothills of a large mountain called Mt. Asama in Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.


The site next to my house is a land that is becoming a primeval forest in the middle, and in the summer, large ferns appear and are overwhelmed by the presence.


What I feel in such a place is what the world of "umwelt" should be.


In a seemingly quiet world, there are innumerable subjects, each of whom has a unique sense of space and time, and quietly expands the world.


I think that the tactile sensation that I have often felt that I am not good at words is caused by contact with a world that is different from the one I take for granted.



Although there are innumerable umwelts, their boundaries are very vague and accept each other.



When I suddenly encounter a foreign world, something inside me reacts to it and creates a mysterious sensation.

I want to listen to that feeling and draw a picture.


We can systemize and understand our own experiences by replacing senses and feelings with words.

Much of the emotions I experienced in my life were swallowed because I couldn't express it properly in words.

Also, because it cannot be expressed in words, a pure and high humidity sensation is swallowed and sinks into an unconscious area. I'm exploring that feeling in deep silence and painting it.

When I'm drawing , I don't decide on the complete drawing of the painting. I just indicate my impulse on the canvas.

I get the next sensation from the displayed screen and overlay the color and line then I connect what is in the unconscious area.


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