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I live in Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture, at the foot of Mount Asama.

The land next to my house is a land that is becoming a semi-virgin forest, and in the summer,

A large group of fern appears, and you will be overwhelmed by its undulating series.

What you feel in such a place is the state of the world called Uwelt*.

In the seemingly quiet world, there are countless subjects, each of whom has a different role in space, time, and so on.

It has its own sense and quietly expands its world.

I've often felt that I'm not good at words and can't organize

I feel like I swallowed it whole. The rough tactile sensation

I think it happens when you come into contact with a world that is different from the world you take for granted.

While there are countless ummworlds, their boundaries are vague and they accept each other.

When I suddenly encounter a foreign world, something inside of me responds to it, launching a strange ​ sensation.

I want to listen to that feeling and draw a picture.


*Umwelt: A concept proposed by Uxküll, a German biologist. The idea that all animals are subjects living in a unique perceptual world.


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