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tomoshidachi solo exhibition

Notice of solo exhibition



Tomo Shidachi  Exhibition

The Sound of the Forest

October 18th (Tue) - 30th (Sun), 2022 Closed on Mondays
12:00〜19:00 Last day - 17:00

Reception Saturday, October 22, 17:00-

space 2*3
1-7-9 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


the sound of the forest dm_edited.jpg


This summer, I was given two days alone in the woods near the lake.

A place where almost no human presence is left.
What I felt there was the transparency of nature and the seemingly endless continuity.


Divide, combine, multiply. The structure of the forest, which constantly flows and transforms, is too chaotic,

Words cannot capture it.


Big and small, top and bottom, the scales you have are vague little by little, and the rhythm is indifferent

I feel like the only thing left for me is a small vibration from within.


Before I knew it, my borders melted away, becoming part of the structure of the forest where life and death are intertwined.

I have completely calmed down.


Human imagination knows no bounds.

When I am in the forest, I feel that there is music.
It's not a melody, but something primitive, a repeating rhythm.


It may be the heartbeat of countless creatures, or the heartbeat of the earth.


The triangle itself, which itself contains some kind of dynamic energy and tension, was captured as a single “sign”.

I thought that visualizing the sound image and recapturing it visually would evoke an inner resonance or a primitive rhythm that pushes it up.

Listening to inner sounds may be a way to transcend physical boundaries and ask yourself,

What am I?

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